About NHM Research

How NHM Research Evolved

Years ago, I worked for a small, natural health company as a regulatory correspondent and study facilitator. I was not only communicating with government bodies on their behalf, I was also researching why they were having difficulties moving ahead with regulations and research. I was employed by good people, doing good work providing sophisticated consumers with safe and well-built products that they wanted.

Repeatedly, they would be harassed by one government body or another from somewhere in the world, and treated as criminals with the ill intentions to deceive consumers for profit. This was despite the fact there was never a consumer complaint - ever.

I have a democratic socialist background as well as twenty years of experience as a volunteer in the political arena. As a paid assistant to politicians, I was adept as an advocate for individuals experiencing difficulties with government bureaucracy. I believed very strongly in our good "system," and in the importance of government representing and taking care of the people. I wholeheartedly supported the idea that the good of the many outweighs the needs of a few.

As a result of my previous experience as an advocate, I believed that the root of all problems when dealing with bureaucracy was miscommunication. It seemed straight-forward to me that this was a problem I could easily navigate and solve. The regulators simply misunderstood. All that was needed was building a bridge of good communication. All we had to do was be forthright and the government would understand - even assist us - to find a place for this good work.

What a frustrating period of time it was as my own concepts of reality were seriously disrupted. From the bottom of my heart I believed these institutions worked on behalf of the people. Believe me now when I say … they don't. It isn't the government politicians influencing bureaucrats. Directions don't come from above, rather directions come from outside corporate interests that help set the restrictive and onerous rules that only they have the financial ability to meet. This cuts down on the competition effectively. When bureaucrats say they always consult with stakeholders – it is the mega-corporations they are talking about. The cost to consumers is that we lose choice, we lose innovation and we lose governance over our own health.

Everyone has personal responsibility in the current state of dis-ease in our society. We went to sleep and believed that our government would do everything in the best interest of our health. They haven't. In fact, they've done just the opposite. I have renewed faith, that someday soon, enough people will awaken to an understanding of our true individual and collective power. We can be healthier and happier when we take responsibility and practice self-health. We need to encourage innovation and protect those who provide our choices.