Protecting Freedom of Choice and
Those who Provide our Choices

It is well known that pharmaceuticals are inherently dangerous. This is the reason that regulatory agencies like the FDA and Health Canada, and their international counterparts were first conceived.

Over the years the purpose and actions of these regulatory agencies have substantially changed. The original intention of protecting the public from harmful chemicals has shifted to decide what we can have access to and what we can't.

Regulators spend an inordinate amount of taxpayers' money attacking those who provide natural products and therapies that cause no harm. At the same time they fast-track new drugs into the market for a lucrative fee, often turning a blind eye to the real dangers of those drugs.

The purpose of NHM Research is to help natural health companies stay in business in these challenging times – so that each of us will continue to have choices in healthcare.

NHM Purpose

I thank God firstly, but we want to
say thank you to you too. We
couldn't have been able to hold
our heads through this ordeal.
You are one of our angels.
– bio-electric manufacturer